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Performing Miracles, Transforming Lives:  Empowering Stories That Will Give You Chills

Performing Miracles, Transforming Lives

Empowering Stories That Will Give You Chills

Over the many years I’ve been guiding people in working with and listening to their own internal guidance as an international inspirational life guide, speaker, and Amazon best selling author, I’ve had many incredible, often seemingly miraculous, things happen. In this book, I share some of them with you.

These stories span every area of life, from career and business, to romantic relationships, to body and health, to living situation, to family, and more. May they inspire you, empower you, and help you recognize how completely your life is within your own hands to shape and mold however you wish—simply with the focus of your attention.

You can view the Table Of Contents of this ebook in PDF format here.

Learn more about me from my video interview by Jim Masters–Award-Winning National & Local TV/Radio Personality/Host/Presenter/VO Artist Seen/Heard On FOX-TV, CUTV News & PBS:

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