Become Your Ideal Client And Build A Thriving Life Guidance Business

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Course List Of Contents

The Main Course List Of Contents

For Guides Module

Intro To Guides Module: Your Job As A Guide

Identify Your Ideal Client/Target Audience

Why Have A Free Consultation?

How To Approach The Free Consultation/Intro Session

The General Approach In Each Session

Language To Pay Attention To In Sessions

Offer Suggestions And Guidance, But Never Advice

Listen And Respond, And Never Come Into A Session With A Topic Or Agenda

Your Client Will Provide You With Everything You Need To Know

Respond To Bring About Resolution, Do Not Identify

Address The Internal Before The External, And Get To Good First

Good Feelings Mean You’re Going The Right Direction

What Your Client Really Wants Is Always A Feeling

Look For What Your Client Is Doing Right

If Your Client Isn’t Getting A Message, Neither Are You

Make Your Decisions Based On Love Rather Than Fear

Charge What You’re Worth

For Guides Workbook

Growing Your Life Guidance Business – Bonus

Questions & Answers

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