Solo Entrepreneur Marketing Secrets Revealed

Be featured on television and print news network websites nationwide!

Get your video to the top of search results on youtube for your profession in your area!

Create a professional website!

Become a bestselling author!

Become an international speaker!

Marketers will charge you hundreds or thousands of dollars to get you any one of these things. And they’re ripping you off.

I’ve wasted thousands of dollars because I believed what they told me they could accomplish. In some cases, they succeeded, while in other cases, it turned out that they’d sold me nothing but lies.

After 10 years of being in business myself, and after a lot of my own research and trial and error and mistakes made in believing sales calls and emails, I now know what marketing companies can and can’t help a small business accomplish. And I know how you can easily do, by yourself, nearly everything they can do for you, while spending next to nothing.

We solo entrepreneurs–small businesses made up entirely of one person–should not be spending thousands of dollars to have other people do things that we don’t know how to do ourselves. Especially when, most of the time, the companies bombarding us with sales calls and emails and ads until they browbeat us into signing up can’t accomplish what they say they’ll do for us.

But we do need ways to let people know about the services and products we offer, and to get clients/customers to come to us, or we won’t be able to succeed and thrive.

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I’m Jonathan R. Wachtel, life coach, business coach, career coach, relationship coach and more.

I’m an international speaker, bestselling author, and I’ve been featured on television and print news network websites nationwide.

I have several videos coming up #1 or near this in searches on youtube. For example, if you search “life coach queens ny”, “relationship coach queens ny” “career coach queens ny” or “business coach queens ny”, among other terms, you’ll find my video at the top of the search results.

My Google Plus listing is currently coming up at #1 or near this in a Google search for “life coach queens ny,” “relationship coach queens ny,” “career coach queens ny,” or “business coach queens ny”.

And you can check out the website I built entirely on my own (for less than a couple hundred dollars) here:

I can help you achieve all of this, too.

Because I’ve done it myself.

And unlike the marketers that seek only to get the sale and your money and care little or not at all about you and your business, I will actually be on your team, your coach who will be invested in your success.

It’s all way easier than it seems. Almost disappointingly so. But you’ll get all the credentials that to other people are so impressive. And then you’ll realize that none of them actually matter. In fact, contrary to what many marketers will tell you when they’re trying to make the sale, none of this guarantees that anyone will contact you or become a paying customer.

What matters is your capability in regard to what you sell and the quality of the service you provide. And, most importantly, what matters is that you are mentally and emotionally 100% on board with doing what you do and getting paid what you charge for it, with no beliefs holding you back. If you’re good at what you do, and you recognize and believe this, yourself, and you feel good about how you’re presenting yourself online and offline, you can get other people to buy as long as you take the necessary steps to make this possible–and benefit them and you in the process.

If you’re interested in having someone on your team who will teach you how to build your own credentials and visibility online and will make sure you’re informed so you’ll save thousands of dollars in marketing, you’re in exactly the right place.

Let’s put the power in your hands to determine how you present yourself online and offline, so you’ll never have to give this power up to someone else who doesn’t particularly care about you or your business, and so you’ll never be fooled into believing what you’d like to believe but that isn’t true in the sales calls and emails you receive.

I’ll empower you with knowledge and the confidence that comes with this, and put the ability to market your business in your hands—effectively, and however you feel most comfortable.

I’ve been tricked into spending tens of thousands of dollars over the years by marketers who sold me things I could have done myself for a fraction of the price, often with the promise of things they never delivered on and could never have delivered on, including clients, speaking engagements, viral videos and more.

I’ve gotten zero return on most of these investments, and I didn’t even get most of what I was led to believe I was paying for.

I’m going to share with you how to build your credentials and do your marketing yourself, and more effectively, for a tiny fraction of what I’ve paid.

I wish I’d known years ago all of what I’m going to tell you. It would have saved me so much time, money, energy, and stress.

Again, it’s all surprisingly easy and simple. You’ll wonder how people could charge so much for these things–and overpromise as they often do rather than just telling you what you’re actually going to get for your money–once you know how to do it yourself.

So if you’d like to save tens of thousands of dollars, I’ll teach you what can and can’t be done, and how to do what can be done, for just


This will include two one-hour Solo Entrepreneur Marketing Secrets Revealed coaching sessions over the phone, Skype or Google Hangouts.

In the first session, we’ll get you stepping into the mindset of success and go over everything you need to know so you’ll never be fooled by sales calls and emails and so you can accomplish any or all of the following yourself if you want to:

Be featured on television and print news network websites nationwide.

Get your video to the top of search results on youtube for your profession in your area.

Create a professional website.

Become a bestselling author.

Become an international speaker.

I’ll also direct you to resources you can use if you’d like—all of which are low cost (or free), accessible, and easy to use—to help you accomplish some of these things.

In the second session, I’ll check in on you to see how everything’s going with implementing some or all of these things in your own business and we’ll determine the best next steps for you and your business.

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