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If you answered “yes” to any or all of the above, you’re in exactly the right place.

The Life Guidance System has already helped innumerable people in more than seven different countries dramatically improve every area of their lives–career, business, finances, romantic relationship, health, family, friendships, and more.

Read what some people have had to say:

Kaila G., Life Coach at A Sparkle Within You, Toronto:

Jonathan Wachtel is the most incredible and powerful coach! He was the light when I only saw darkness in my life. He saved my life and opened my eyes to a whole new experience of living in the world. He is supportive, compassionate, understanding, and helped me achieve phenomenal results in my life! The tools that he uses were created by him, and are the most amazing and effective tools to allow real change to occur. He helped me get in touch with myself which started me on a journey from a negative dynamic relationship to a positive dynamic relationship with myself. His coaching is healing from the inside out and is so powerful! A large part of it involves self forgiveness and through that I have seen my life completely turn into a life I want to be living in! The experience of my life now is one of fulfillment, happiness, positive conversations, deep calm. He helped me in all areas of my life! I can’t put a price to the wonderful experience of the world that he has brought me and all the coaching he provided along the way.

Zoe T., Tennis Instructor and Screenplay Writer, Florida:

Jonathan is incredible. His teachings have been transformative in every area of my life.
I originally contacted him in a time of mourning. He helped me with that issue and WAY more. He was pivotal in improving my career, relationships, and shaping my overall life experience into something that’s much more fulfilling. He helped me get clarity on what I wanted in every area of my life and then supplied me with tools to actually get them, in record time. I feel so equipped and have taken HUGE steps towards the life I want to be living. I can’t thank him enough!

Shani K., Nurse and Massage Therapist, New York:

Jonathan is a gift. I feel that one is lucky to come across someone like Jonathan even once in their life. I have been to many guides, therapists and self discovery programs, where I did feel genuinely listened to, cared for and validated, yet Jonathan has done what no one else was able to do for me. Jonathan has gone right to the ROOT of everything, and enabled me to change my life in a way that completely built up the most secure inner foundation and groundwork that I can. Through his supportive work, I have changed my entire inner dynamic within myself, which manifested in me changing everything around me- career, family, relationships, financial situation, living environment, health and my connection with myself. Jonathan does not just provide a bandaid and work on solving the issues at hand. He does something so much deeper. He inspired me to change everything going on deep inside of me, my way of thinking and seeing the world, layer by layer which completely changed my way of living in a way I could never have imagined. This helped me truly become a stronger person to create and be in control of my own life in every way, in the best way possible. I have dreamed many times in the past of this happening, yet I was always stuck where I was. Jonathan has helped this dream become reality.

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