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“There are not enough words to thank someone for giving me
the greatest gift in the entire world,
a life truly worth living.”

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Read what some people have had to say:

Jonathan Wachtel is the most incredible and powerful coach! He was the light when I only saw darkness in my life. He saved my life and opened my eyes to a whole new experience of living in the world. He is supportive, compassionate, understanding, and helped me achieve phenomenal results in my life! The tools that he uses were created by him, and are the most amazing and effective tools to allow real change to occur. He helped me get in touch with myself which started me on a journey from a negative dynamic relationship to a positive dynamic relationship with myself. His coaching is healing from the inside out and is so powerful! A large part of it involves self forgiveness and through that I have seen my life completely turn into a life I want to be living in! The experience of my life now is one of fulfillment, happiness, positive conversations, deep calm. He helped me in all areas of my life! I can’t put a price to the wonderful experience of the world that he has brought me and all the coaching he provided along the way. Thank you, and keep on doing what you’re doing, your coaching has a huge impact! I would highly recommend Jonathan as a life coach if you would like to shift your experiences in your life and are open to a change that will bring you fulfillment in all areas of your life, whether it’s a fulfilling career, living situation, financial situation, relationship, or health. Just wait to see what he can do for your life!

– Kaila G., Life Coach at A Sparkle Within You, Toronto

Jonathan is incredible. His teachings have been transformative in every area of my life.
I originally contacted him in a time of mourning. He helped me with that issue and WAY more. He was pivotal in improving my career, relationships, and shaping my overall life experience into something that’s much more fulfilling. He helped me get clarity on what I wanted in every area of my life and then supplied me with tools to actually get them, in record time. I feel so equipped and have taken HUGE steps towards the life I want to be living. I can’t thank him enough!

– Zoe T., Writer and Screenplay Writer, Florida

Where do I begin? The journey I’ve been going on with Jonathan has been nothing short of a miracle. I’ve been to many therapists but none of them were as intuitive and insightful as him. I was living my life ‘safe’. But really, I was scared. I was scared to take the steps necessary to make the changes that would enormously increase my fulfillment and happiness with life. Jonathan opened my eyes to all the possibilities and directions my life could take. He took the blindfolds off and guided me to a life that is vastly different than the one I had. He was and is my life coach in every way. He showed me that what I deemed impossible was not only possible but actually at the tips of my fingers!! It was my lack of belief in possibility that was inhibiting me from being happy. He held my hand the entire way and brought me to a life that I never even knew to dream of. I am now able to love myself and be present to the beautiful world around me. There are not enough words to thank someone for giving me the greatest gift in the entire world, a life truly worth living.

– Jamie, Nurse, New York

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